😀 Triumph Emoji

😀 Triumph Emoji Meaning

This emoji is usually called Face With Look of Triumph emoji, A yellow face with closed eyes, furrowed eyebrows, broad frown, and two puffs of steam blowing out of its nose. The meaning of 😀 Triumph emoji is usually used to convey various negative emotions, including irritation, anger, and contempt. May also convey feelings of pride, dominance, and empowerment. This emoji is also known as Face with Steam From Nose emoji, steam emoji, heavy breathing emoji, blowing smoke emoji, huff emoji.

Also Known As

Emoji Copy and Paste

  • Apple

    Apple 😀 Triumph
  • Google

    Google 😀 Triumph
  • Samsung

    Samsung 😀 Triumph
  • Microsoft

    Microsoft 😀 Triumph
  • WhatsApp

    Whatsapp 😀 Triumph
  • Twitter

    Twitter 😀 Triumph
  • Facebook

    Facebook 😀 Triumph
  • Skype

    Skype 😀 Triumph
  • JoyPixels

    Joypixels 😀 Triumph
  • OpenMoji

    Openmoji😀 Triumph
  • Emojidex

    Emojidex 😀 Triumph
  • Messenger

    Messenger😀 Triumph
  • LG

    LG😀 Triumph
  • HTC

    HTC 😀 Triumph
  • Mozilla

    Mozilla 😀 Triumph
  • SoftBank

    SoftBank 😀 Triumph
  • Docomo

    Docomo 😀 Triumph


😀 U+1F624



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